Decentralized Cost Governance

Revolutionizes how businesses manage and control cloud costs across engineering teams. By decentralizing cost decisions and empowering engineering teams with real-time cost visibility and control, KloudLens enables organizations to achieve operational excellence and cost optimization at every level.

Empower Engineering Teams with
Decentralized Cost Control and Governance

Cost Awareness and Visibility

Empower engineering teams with real-time cost visibility into their cloud resources and services. Enable them to monitor and track cost implications while developing and operating applications, fostering a culture of cost-consciousness and accountability.

Budget Allocation and Tracking

Allocate budgets to engineering teams, projects, or initiatives to ensure cost accountability and prevent overspending. Track actual costs against budget allocations and receive alerts when spending exceeds predefined thresholds.

Efficiency Maximization

AI-driven Cloud Cost Optimization: Analyze workloads, detect idle resources, right-size instances, and offer tailored cost-saving suggestions to engineering teams for maximizing efficiency and reducing cloud expenses.

Cost Attribution and Showback

Implement cost attribution and show-back mechanisms to attribute cloud costs to specific teams, projects, or departments. Enable teams to understand the cost impact of their work and foster a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Policy Enforcement

Define cost control policies and best practices to govern cloud resource usage. Enforce policies such as tagging standards, resource utilization guidelines, and cost allocation rules to ensure compliance and cost optimization across engineering teams.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Foster a culture of continuous improvement by facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration among engineering teams, promoting cost optimization, sharing success stories, cost-saving techniques, and lessons learned.

Empower Your Engineering Teams for Cost Optimization

Unlock the full potential of your engineering teams and drive cost optimization throughout your organization with KloudLens’ Decentralized Cost Governance feature. Gain visibility, control, and collaboration for better cost management across your cloud resources. Schedule a personalized demo today and experience the power of decentralized cost governance.

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